Improving Business Leads – How to Be More Interesting and Engaging

While business networking and business leads are all about “business” there’s still something very personal and human about the process of networking. At the heart of it is human engagement. If you introduce a boring, drab and dull person into a networking event they’re not likely to garner the same business leads as someone with a lot more charisma and social finesse. Want to be more interesting? It takes more than just a few tricks – It’s very much a subjective issue as to what is “more interesting” but there are some things you can do to make yourself more engaging.

When you think about “being interesting” it’s about generating interest; giving people a reason to engage with you and stay connected once the networking is completed. Business leads and referrals then come later because people remember you based on your interests and how your personality resonated. It starts with knowledge

Improving Business Leads through Knowledge Acquisition

You can greatly increasing how interesting people perceive you to be by boosting your level of knowledge about interesting subjects. Mind you, this is not necessarily what’s interesting to you but what’s interesting to people overall. Again, this is subjective but a little research shows you some of the things that people are typically passionate about. Likewise, subjects that are specialized and not general knowledge are a good pick – underwater cave diving would stand out more than a specialists view of football.

Improving Business Leads with an Interesting Entrepreneurial Spirit

It’s consistent that most interesting people are those that have an interesting line of work. This makes other gravitate toward their specialty and want to learn more. The surgeon who specializes in a very unique heart procedure for saving children has a more interest career than the guy running a grocery store. Since we can’t all be groundbreaking pediatric cardiac surgeons you have to look elsewhere. Start something unique, do something crazy and build a brand that brings awareness and light on you. If that light can shine on those around you that’s even better because people will want a cut of your light.

Improving Business Leads – Be a Raconteur

A raconteur is someone that is highly skilled in the art of storytelling. From the time we’re crawling on the floor to the final resting place we all love a good story. Too many conversations are filled with small talk and verbal auto fellatio. If you want to increase your interest and engagement then learn to turn a conversation into a story. What elements interest people the most in a good story? Danger, Money, business, ego, psychology, social failure and of course… sex.

Improving Business Leads with Better Social Style

When you’re out there networking to build business leads, you have to remember that communication is all about style and presence. Interest is always about how you’re perceived, and style can help you fake it while you prepare to take it to the next level. Your communication style encompasses tone, speaking pace, ability to listen, mirroring conversation partners and overall presentation.

There’s no rocket science or magic formula behind being an interesting person. For many people it comes natural and for others they will need to work at it and build up their “skill”. Either way, if you present yourself properly you’ll improve your engagement and business lead acquisition at any business networking event.

How To Never Miss A Lead With Three Features Of Small Business Phone Systems

To stay on top of the competition in a tough economy, chief executive officers authorize large amounts of money to be spent on generating leads. From paying high quality employees to find these potential customers to services that help with making sales, company owners don’t scrimp when it comes to getting new clients. However, many organizations actually send future clients to their competitors without even realizing it. When someone calls a company and never gets to talk to anyone or keeps getting the run around from people who don’t know the right person to transfer the call to, they hang up and call the competition. Not even answering calls is another huge money waster. Companies must consider a business VOIP provider that offers voice to text, “Contact Us Plus” widgets and find me/follow me features in order to gain new clients and make those sales.

Voice Mail To Text Saves Valuable Time

Staff members work very hard to answer calls and deal with customers’ concerns in a timely manner, but some small business phone systems make this impossible to do so. Without the voice mail to text feature, employees can spend hours listening to voice mail messages and trying to jot down the important info and contact numbers. Sometimes a person has to replay a message several times before getting everything they need on paper. Managers who accidentally write down the wrong name from a voice mail message can lose a sale. A business VOIP provider that includes voice mail to text options will allow users to read a written transcription of their voice mail, making sure they get all of the data they need at one time.

Never Miss An Important Call With A Business VOIP Provider

With find me follow me features that are incorporated into some small business phone systems, individuals can be sure to never miss that one call that leads to the highest sale of the year. These options allow users to directly transfer incoming calls to other local or long-distance numbers, whether landline or mobile. Executives who have to work late at night and take calls from customers in other time zones appreciate this opportunity to do so from home just by entering their home number into the account. The system automatically transfers the calls from the office to the home number if the user has turned on the find me/follow me feature. More than one number can be put into the system, allowing calls to reach a cell and home or other location. Traveling employees can rest easy with these options, knowing a call will never go unanswered. This benefit also prevents a company from needing to hire one or several staff members to constantly answer phones and take messages for staff who are away from the office. Large corporations can even utilize find me follow me by not forcing a receptionist to hunt down an employee when someone is calling. Instead they can turn on the find me option to allow that person’s calls to go directly to their cell.

“Contact Us Plus” Widget Keeps Customers Connected

In today’s world where so many transactions take place through the Internet, widgets are becoming more and more popular. Small business phone systems that offer a “Contact Us Plus” widget allows companies to gain more leads just from people browsing the web. This benefit is a copy-and-paste web widget, letting customers and potential clients to click-to-call the right person at a company. Online public relations can greatly increase through this one application. In addition, this tool ups brand awareness without much hassle, cost or effort. Many companies have reported that this type of application has improved audience experience and provided interactive and engaging content that raises search engine optimization.

A business VOIP provider with a “Contact Us Plus” widget gives employees the opportunity to assign three user specific items to the widget. Twitter, LinkedIn and Gravatar can be utilized through this option. Customers can automatically link to a company’s Tweet stream when they click on the “Contact Us Plus” widget. Also through this feature, a person can view an organization’s LinkedIn public profile or see a profile picture.

By choosing small business phone systems that come with the three features mentioned above, companies can always stay on top of their game and never miss out on that one lead that could make their organization very successful.

5 Success Strategies To Lead Your Small Business Effectively

As an entrepreneur and small business owner or manager your business will often be limited-or-limitless depending on how effectively you are able to lead. Leadership qualities in and of themselves are easy to define – any dictionary will give you the technical definition of leadership as well as the qualities inherent in a leader. True leadership success lies in blending these attributes with your personal style in a way to truly express your inherent gifts and talents in such a way to move people and opportunities towards your inspired vision.

Here are 5 strategies to ensure you effectively lead your small business to success.

1. Motivate individuals through passion and inspiration.

The most successful businesses always seem to capture an essence and create an almost “cult” like following among its team members and customers. Zappos, Google, and Apple have all created a culture of truly motivated and inspired individuals. This motivation permeates the business structure itself, but more importantly, freely flows out in to the marketplace through its products, services, and clients. How are these companies able to move so many people and opportunities towards them? Inspired motivation with mutual respect for individuality.

As a business leader you must possess a clear inspiration of a bigger future for you and all those around you. This includes team members, advisers, and most importantly the clients you serve. If you truly are inspired by your business you will motivate and excite those around you by your passion and enthusiasm. Passion and enthusiasm attracts other individuals with similar values and mindsets. Combine these two catalysts with a clear vision and you have a formula for successful motivation.

2. Respect and encourage unique individuality.

Old school ways of management would have you focus on conforming the world to fit your vision and strategy. The exact opposite holds true today. You must truly respect and encourage individuals to freely express themselves through your vision, organization, and products or services. The more you are able to empower everyone associated with you to be their best through their own unique abilities the sooner you will see massive transformation in your business success.

3. Empower through empathy.

Leading a business effectively isn’t just about articulating the vision and ensuring everyone understands you and your intentions. More importantly your success depends solely on your ability to empathize with others and truly hear what they are saying. By understanding the position of your team members you will be able to incorporate their motivation for success into your own vision for the organization. In turn, if you truly understand your clients position and fulfill their needs on their own terms, you will foster long-standing mutually beneficial relationships.

4. Foster trust through accountability.

Personal accountability is one of the biggest traits you will possess as a successful leader and in-turn require of those around you. A successful accountability habit includes the following:

Be honest and tell the truth always.

Follow through and do what you say you will.

Lead by positive example.

Be realistic and set achievable initiatives

Delegate effectively and responsibly.

Honor and respect the individuality of others.

Hold others accountable for themselves.

5. Pay it forward.

Pay it forward by remaining a life long learner, motivator, and teacher. As you inspire and motivate those around you to share in your vision for success, others will step up and begin to champion your cause. As a true leader it is your responsibility to seek out other individuals and inspire them to step forward and lead. The more openly you share your success and teach others the better able you will be to continue to expand your leadership abilities.

Blend these 5 success strategies with your personal leadership style and I know you will maximize your effectiveness and see immediate results.

Leading Small Business Opportunity Laptop Ideas

There is a host of leading small business opportunity ideas that are capable of taking full advantage of laptop technology, combining to give an entrepreneur a clear edge over even much larger competitors.

Many of the best ideas revolve around the fact that a good laptop further enhances the advantage brought about by the World Wide Web where geographical boundaries and great distances are virtually wiped out. This has opened up excellent opportunities for many a small business owner to compete against leading colossal enterprises with deep pockets and virtually unlimited resources and to end up beating them at their own game.

The widely coined term “small is beautiful” has taken on a whole new meaning where small business is concerned as many smart entrepreneurs have grabbed the vast opportunities and doors that have been swung wide open by leading edge state of the art laptop computer technology.

The really exciting thing is that these ideas apply to virtually every small business industry or area that one can care to think of. This allows any smart, ambitious small business entrepreneur to take on a leading role in their respective industry or trade with the help of little else other than a good laptop computer.